VPCOC 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off

Announcing the VParkCOC’s first-annual chili cook-off this Saturday, Oct. 28! Bring your best recipe chili in a crock-pot and join in the festivities.

  • Chili needs to be checked in by 6:00pm on the day of context to receive a number.
  • Judges will sample entries starting at 6:15pm
  • Popular vote will be awarded in addition to the judges winning selection.


  1. Chili must be homemade
  2. Please bring enough to share with the group
  3. No Identifying labels may be placed on the container or crockpot. Each entry will be assigned a number that is recorded on a contest roster matched with the name of the entrant.
  4. Judges will vote for their top 3 chili entries and tally their placings to select the best chili.
  5. Everyone may vote for their favorite chili by writing in one number on the voting paper sheets located on the potluck table.