Christ’s Childrens Home

While attempting to escape a 200 miles journey on foot from a brutal civil war with her five children, Neyor Karmue and her kids encountered children soldiers not much older than her own kids. With death seemingly moments away, Neyor fixed her thoughts on God, praying that if He would only spare her life, she’d spend the remainder of her days as a mother to children like those who were about to kill her. God prevailed and they were set free. Years later, Neyor was reunited with her husband and took refuge in the United States. In 2003, when the Liberian Civil War was over, Neyor and Fungbeh decided to return to Liberia to fulfill her promise to God by opening her home and adopting 44 children and establishing Christ’s Children Home, (CCH). Today, CCH is among the top two orphanage homes in Liberia.




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*Disclaimer: Some of the children from the Children’s Home began school later than most American children. This is why some of the students who are enrolled in the elementary school level are older than students who are typically in that grade.