Bible College

Vintage Park Bible Institute is a satellite school of the Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI), located in Lubbock, Texas. Satellite School students may study toward a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree in states which recognize our degree program or toward a Certificate of Biblical Studies where degree credit is not authorized. There are three different levels: the audit level, Level II, and Level III. Levels II is for certificates and Level III receives certificate or a bachelor’s degree upon completion of degree program. Video lecture courses are delivered via the Internet to students where knowledge is gained to understand and teach people the message of the Bible and aid in the equipping of students for personal growth and service to others. Our online delivery of core curriculum makes it possible for students to connect and access Biblical courses online when convenient for them. All a student needs are email and internet access. The internet makes it possible for us to meet the needs of a large and growing student body unable to attend traditional brick and mortar class rooms, while at the same time, gaining a uncompromising quality Biblical education cost effectively to accomplish the desired goal.

The book of John was written to create faith in unbelievers – faith that Jesus is the Christ and that, through that faith, eternal life could be had. This study digs deep into the text of John’s gospel, including the seven signs John used to show the world that Jesus is the Son of God, and thus deity.

This very necessary course looks at the spiritual health of the minister. It helps to prepare those who are going into ministry to take the steps to ensure a long productive service to the body of Christ.

Philippians is a love letter written to a church that loved and provided for the man who brought the gospel to them. Even though in prison, Paul encourages the church to serve God honestly and joyfully and offers himself as an example of Christian living in adversity.

This study is a comprehensive look at God’s eternal purpose, or scheme, that started before creation and continues to its summation in eternity. God’s promises and their fulfillments are studied in historical context, showing Jesus and the redemption He brings as the focal point of God’s plan.

An in-depth and inspiring study of the book of Romans, in which we learn about the need for righteousness, God’s provision of righteousness, and our experience of living a life of righteousness.

This study examines the very foundations of the gospel message and of the call to spread it throughout the world. Beginning with the sovereignty of God Himself, the study delves into missions principles, the nature of the gospel, examples of missions, and the concept of small groups.

The general epistles of Peter give us practical guidelines for our daily lives. Peter reveals for us the glory of our salvation and urges us on to victory, holding on to God’s grace in the midst of trials and tribulations. These books are a must in our growth to maturity in His service.

A focused discussion of Biblical examples and wise considerations for building and growing a godly family. This course addresses the marriage relationship as well as parenting.

The purpose of this first letter to Corinth was two-fold: (1) to correct the problems which existed in that congregation, and (2) to answer questions which they had asked Paul. In this course Abe Lincoln meets these problems and questions head on as he discusses also the underlying principles and solutions that are as relevant today as they were in 55 A.D.