Bible College

Vintage Park Bible Institute is a satellite school of the Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI), located in Lubbock, Texas. Satellite School students may study toward a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree in states which recognize our degree program or toward a Certificate of Biblical Studies where degree credit is not authorized. There are three different levels: the audit level, Level II, and Level III. Levels II is for certificates and Level III receives certificate or a bachelor’s degree upon completion of degree program. Video lecture courses are delivered via the Internet to students where knowledge is gained to understand and teach people the message of the Bible and aid in the equipping of students for personal growth and service to others. Our online delivery of core curriculum makes it possible for students to connect and access Biblical courses online when convenient for them. All a student needs are email and internet access. The internet makes it possible for us to meet the needs of a large and growing student body unable to attend traditional brick and mortar class rooms, while at the same time, gaining a uncompromising quality Biblical education cost effectively to accomplish the desired goal.

1. Freshman Courses
Instructor: Bob MartinLessons: 12Jesus is the way out of darkness into light. He is the image of the invisible God. All things were created through Him. He ... Read More
Instructor: Ron BontragerLessons: 12Faith is at the heart of the book of James, and the living out of this faith permeates all that the writer teaches. Beginning ... Read More
Instructor: Ed WhartonLessons: 12 A study of the New Testament's teaching about the church that Christ established, both in the first ... Read More
Instructor: Charles SpeerLessons: 12 This course will provide insight into ways to study the Bible and will suggest some tools with ... Read More
Instructor: Ed WhartonLessons: 13 This course specifically addresses the powerful and awesome task of preaching. After discussing the identity, work, and ... Read More
Instructor: Richard RogersLessons: 24A chronological study of the people, places, times, and events of the Old Testament. This course covers Joshua through Malachi. ... Read More
Instructor: Tex WilliamsLessons: 13These are Paul's letters of practical application to public worship and service, to smoother personal relationships and to sound teaching and good works. This ... Read More
Instructor: Abe LincolnLessons: 24 Action is what it is all about! This study moves, showing the action of both godly and ... Read More
Instructor: Richard RogersLessons: 24A detailed overview of the teachings and works of Jesus Christ, from His birth to His resurrection and the various phases of His ministry ... Read More
Instructor: Richard RogersLessons: 24A chronological study of the people, places, times, and events of the Old Testament. This course covers Genesis through Deuteronomy. ... Read More
2. Sophmore Courses
Instructor: Doyle GilliamLessons: 24The book of John was written to create faith in unbelievers - faith that Jesus is the Christ and that, through that faith, eternal ... Read More
Instructor: Truman ScottLessons: 24This very necessary course looks at the spiritual health of the minister. It helps to prepare those who are going into ministry to take ... Read More
Instructor: Doyle GilliamLessons: 12 Philippians is a love letter written to a church that loved and provided for the man who ... Read More
Instructor: Ed WhartonLessons: 12This study is a comprehensive look at God's eternal purpose, or scheme, that started before creation and continues to its summation in eternity. God's ... Read More
Instructor: Richard RogerLessons: 24An in-depth and inspiring study of the book of Romans, in which we learn about the need for righteousness, God's provision of righteousness, and ... Read More
Instructor: Richard RogersLessons: 12This study examines the very foundations of the gospel message and of the call to spread it throughout the world. Beginning with the sovereignty ... Read More
Instructor: Ted StewartLessons: 12The general epistles of Peter give us practical guidelines for our daily lives. Peter reveals for us the glory of our salvation and urges ... Read More
Instructor: Ken Wilson, PhDLessons: 12 A focused discussion of Biblical examples and wise considerations for building and growing a godly family. ... Read More
The purpose of this first letter to Corinth was two-fold: (1) to correct the problems which existed in that congregation, and (2) to answer questions which they ... Read More
Instructor: Ted StewartLessons: 24Apologetics 2: New Discoveries is a detailed study of Christian apologetics covers a lot of important ground, starting with evidence and logical reasoning related ... Read More
3. Junior Courses
Instructor: Ed WhartonLessons: 12A study of the New Testament’s teaching about the church that Christ established, both in the first century and today. Topics covered include the pattern ... Read More
The object of this work is to help anyone who desires to learn New Testament Greek Grammar to do so in a self-study program. The approach is ... Read More
Instructor: Truman Scott, PhDLessons: 12This course delves into the details of the principles and unique nature of Christian counseling. The qualities and preparation of the counselor are ... Read More
Instructor: Gerald PadenLessons: 12The eternal purpose of God is summed up in Christ and His church. Paul exalts the body of Christ and shows its honored place ... Read More
Instructor: Gerald PadenLessons: 12A focused study of the major sacrifices in the Law of Moses, centered in the book of Leviticus. Learn how these sacrifices were offered, ... Read More
Instructor: Ken Wilson, PhDLessons: 12This course prepares church leaders and other Christians to understand and help others. While certain mental health needs of individuals require the care ... Read More
Instructor: Richard RogersLessons: 12A survey of the dynamic growth of the early church, along with the challenges encountered along the way, and the beginning of missions. This ... Read More
4. Senior Courses
Instructor: Richard RogersLessons: 24The victory of Christ and His people over Satan and all his forces is the central thrust and theme of Revelation. Richard will guide you ... Read More
Instructor: Richard RogersLessons: 24This study of one of the most beautiful books of the Bible will cause you to better appreciate the working of God to bring His ... Read More
Instructor: Ted StewartLessons: 12This course is a study of an Old Testament book which has been neglected by many Bible students and perhaps overworked by others. The very ... Read More
Instructor: Abe LincolnLessons: 12This study follows and explores this letter in which Paul encourages and exhorts the church to faithfulness and purity, instructs and encourages the church in ... Read More
Instructor: Richard RogersLessons: Richard RogersThis course looks at the Biblical example of leadership within the Body of Christ. Students will look in depth at the role of leaders ... Read More
Instructor: Charles SpeerLessons: 24The psalms reveal both the heart of God and the wide spectrum of human emotion and experience. This study introduces the literary styles of the ... Read More
Instructor: Gerald PadenLessons: 12This course explores the many valuable concepts contained in the letters of 1, 2, and 3 John. Areas of study include fellowship with God, love ... Read More
Instructor: Jay Don RogersLessons: 24This course provides an insightful and comprehensive overview of the foundations of Christianity and its message. Topics studied include the Biblical documents, the promise ... Read More
Instructor: Ed WhartonLessons: 12This study will help you understand more fully the relationship between law and grace. You will get a view of the freedom which Christ on ... Read More
Instructor: Gerald PadenLessons: 24This course reveals the contrast between the old and the new in the unfolding of God’s plan of revelation and redemption. Jesus is shown to ... Read More